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RST-5™RST-5™ (Resin Separation Technology) is a new, unique, cleaner, specifically designed for the polymer processing industries. It cleans oils, greases, resins, silicones, tars and other waxes, creams and polymer based materials.

RST-5™ is over 95% water based and has no organic solvents in it all. RST-5™ is used worldwide in many industries including:
RST-5™ will work on most liquid polymers and you can even clean your hands with RST-5™.

It is known that acetone and other solvents can actually promote carcinogens and other toxic chemicals being absorbed through the skin causing damage to various organs and nervous system. (click here) to see more on the dangers of VOC's.

It is a proven fact that RST-5™: RST-5 is available in 3 versions. They are differently blended for specific applications, but are all totally solvent free, extremely safe for users and greatly reduce VOC's as well as being much better for the environment.

RST-5 - this is the standard version that is widely used around the world for cleaning resins, greases, oils and adhesives.

RST-5 ce - a blend specifically created for cleaning uncured epoxies.

RST-5 fv - this version is a stronger blend which is particularly designed for highly filled resins or those that are too viscous for normal RST-5.

A summary of the differences and similarities between the RST-5 versions are shown below:

  RST-5 RST-5 ce RST-5 fv
Applications Uncured polyester resins, gelcoats, greases, oils, adhesives Uncured epoxies Highly filled polyester and polyvinyl resins and viscous resins, greases and oils.
Dilution with water 1:20 1:10 1:20
Operating Temperature 40 - 65°C 40 - 65°C 40 - 65°C

In all cases, the RST-5 solution can be monitored using a simple pH meter and more concentrate added to maintain a slightly alkaline operating condition. To clear the suspended waste, either: In each case, the precipitated waste can be filtered off, or otherwise separated and then disposed of with other non-hazardous waste. The cleared liquid can then be reused - just add more RST-5 concentrate to increase the pH to 10.5.

Cost Savings

Most of our customers report a 30% - 40% decrease in their total cleaning costs!

Resin and Epoxy and Other Industrial Cleaning

RST-5™ may be used to remove resin, paints, grease, oil and ink from a wide variety of tools and brushes as well as skin and clothing.
roller cleaning with RST-5™
Some potential customers believe that RST-5™ is a straight replacement which can simply be used the same way as hazardous, organic solvents. This is NOT the case! - RST-5™ is a soap and therefore must be used accordingly.

Think of it like cleaning dishes; when using cold water the result is never as good as when using warm water and a brush. Use RST-5™ correctly at 115° Fahrenheit or 45° Celsius and with a pH of approx. 10.5 and the result is truly astonishing! Try it yourself!
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RST-5™ works differently to normal organic solvents:

Unlike with solvents, uncured resins do not dissolve in RST-5™.

Instead, the resin disperses in the RST-5™ and separates, sinking to the bottom of the washing container.

The resin sediment can then be removed and disposed of quickly and easily, leaving the bath of RST-5™ free for further use!

You need only add more RST-5™ concentrate when required to keep the cleaning power.

Compare that to the dangerous, expensive and environmentally threatening alternative of acetone!

A perfect degreaser

RST-5™ can also be used as a degreaser for metal parts or for cleaning industrial filter systems. It works on the same principle, but instead of sinking, the grease will float to the surface and then can be easily skimmed off and removed.

RST-5™ helps to reduce chemical waste substantially, as only the resin residue must be disposed of.

RST-5™ is supplied as a concentrate which dilutes with water at 1:20 providing a safe, efficient cleaning agent. Transport and storage is therefore cheap and easy.

RST-5™ cleans best at temperatures of about 50°C; the warmer the cleaning fluid, the better it will do its work, just like washing dishes. RST-5™ will do most of the cleaning jobs at room temperature but cleaning takes far less time at higher temperatures. You will have to use a brush of sorts, in order to speed up the process.

RST-5™ is not a solvent but a dispersant so it will disperse the resin into small particles that will sink to the bottom of the container. This allows you to collect the resin-residue and continue using RST-5™. Only the resin-sludge needs disposal.

Hand Washing

RST-5™ is safe and does not affect hands or other body areas. It easily removes resins, epoxies, bitumens, inks oils and sealants (including Sikaflex™). hand washing with RST-5™

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RST-5 Power Towel™

These are great for cleaning all types of resins, tars, and greases from hands, surfaces, and tools. They also clean silicons such as Sikaflex™ from hands and surfaces. Available in drums of 150 wipes it is widely used by people who need to clean their hands, tools and work surfaces of oils, grease, resins, sealants, etc.

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