Acrastrip � cleans cured and uncured

resins, paints and adhesives

Exclusive distributors of Acrastrip™ for UK and Ireland

Resin Gun cleaned of cured resin  before and after Pipe  cleaned of cured epoxy and resin  before and after T-Piece and valve cleaned of cured resin  before and after

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Acrastrip is the leading approved, non-flammable and environmentally safe alternative to solvents in the US.

Acrastrip is a blend of safe, very high boiling solvents and cutting agents which is diluted with water and used either at room temperature or warmed. It is entirely miscible with water. Acrastrip reduces VOC's in American industry by 87 - 96%.

It can be used soak off grease, oils, resins (polyester and epoxies), paints, lacquers, etc. and can also be used in mechanical cleaning machines. It is widely used as flushing agent in automotive and other paint-based industries.

Acrastrip was developed and in 1998 and has since found widespread use across US Industry as an alternative to the highly volatile and hazardous solvents used in:

Resins and Epoxies: Before and After...

Cleans resin lines quickly and efficiently:



Dirty Chop Gun

Recovered Chop Gun - soaked in Acrastrip 1:1

Dirty Resin Coating

3 hours soaking and final rinse

Pipe filled with hardened epoxy

Pipe cleaned with Acrastrip 1:2 in 6 hours

Mixed paint

Separated (NB. 95% Clear Re-usuable Acrastrip!)

Paint booth cleaning...
Also cleans out paint lines in 10 seconds at 30-50 psi and 40°. Click here for a 2 minute news clip from the USA, showing the health and environment advantages of using Acrastrip in cleaning Paint Shop equipment, and also the cost savings that can be made. If you have problems with the download, then contact Chymera ([email protected]) and we will send you a disc.

How to Use Acrastrip

Dilute with Water Use at Room Temperature or Warm


Waste and Recycling